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Homer (by Mark Dumont)



The Potoo bird always looks like it just saw something horrifying. [via]

need more potoo on my blawg


hiding from your responsibilities like 



I hear people say “oh my god I hate people” all the time without backlash. everyone knows they don’t hate every single individual in humanity. they have friends and family they love and hang out with. they simply hate the greedy, corrupted, oppressive nature of some human beings.
but the minute we say something about white people or men, no one seems to understand that it’s the same concept.






The spoopiest part of this skeleton bird decoration is the complete lack of knowledge in basic skeletal anatomy

somebody please draw this creature with skin on because i think it would be horrifying because those are basically long fingers

well that was fun

Have fun in your nightmares, kids.

I want it as a pet.

Okay, now my leg is falling asleep AND I need to get up to do yoga/get ready for work, so kitty has to go, purring or not.

bedbugsbiting replied to your post:6 am, man. I don’t know if the cat has a very good…

I’m pretty sure that cats have a reliable internal clock. Oscar thinks that wake-up time is between 4am and 5am. Sometimes I am so tired I don’t respond for a while.

I was hoping that feeding her at night instead of in the morning would help, and maybe it did a little? But she still wants someone up and keeping her company or something. Silly kitty.

I sat down on the bed for just a minute, but now I have a purring cat in my lap so obviously I can’t get up.

[T]he silencing of LGBTQI literature doesn’t affect only gay or questioning kids who are looking for stories to help them untangle their identities. These books are equally important for straight and cis-gendered teens because stories are our greatest tool to create empathy and combat intolerance.
WNDB VP Ilene W. Gregorio on “Why We Need Diverse LGBTQI Books” in her essay for Pen/America (via moniquill)

How on earth is it October? Where did September go? I need to get started on the plans I have for my Halloween/wedding costume.